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Overthinking vs Focusing

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Talking ourselves out of our dreams is a common pattern that many people experience. This pattern typically involves a cycle of negative self-talk, doubt, and fear that can prevent us from taking the necessary steps to pursue our goals and aspirations.

One of the most common ways we talk ourselves out of our dreams is by overthinking and focusing on the potential obstacles and challenges rather than the potential rewards and benefits. We might doubt our abilities, worry about failure, or feel overwhelmed by the process of achieving our goals.

This type of negative self-talk can be paralyzing, leading us to procrastinate, avoid taking action, or simply give up on our dreams altogether. It can also prevent us from seeking help or support from others, which can be crucial in achieving our goals.

On the other hand, just doing it involves taking action towards our dreams, despite the doubts and fears we may have. This requires a willingness to step outside our comfort zone, take risks, and embrace the possibility of failure.

By taking action and working towards our goals, we can build momentum and create a positive feedback loop that reinforces our confidence and motivation. We can also learn from our mistakes and adjust our approach along the way, which can ultimately lead to success.

While talking ourselves out of our dreams is a common experience, it is important to recognize this pattern and take steps to overcome it. By focusing on our goals, taking action, and seeking support from others, we can achieve our dreams and create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.


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